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ISKCON VECC Wishesh you Happy Akshay Tritiya !

Akshaya Tritiya is a highly significant day in the Vedic calendar, with "Akshaya" meaning "imperishable" or "never diminishing". While it's true that in recent times, many people in India have focused on purchasing gold, property, or starting new things on this day, an important aspect of Akshaya Tritiya is often overlooked - giving back through charity and donations. It is believed that charity performed on this day remains "Akshaya", or eternal and imperishable.

Chandan-yatra, which involves the construction of huge Rath carts in Puri, also begins on this day, and it marks the occasion when Srila Madhavendra Puri applied sandalwood paste on Khira-chora Gopinath. There are several notable events in Hindu mythology associated with Akshaya Tritiya. Sudama's offering of a tiny portion of chipped rice to Lord Krishna led to unimaginable rewards, while Draupadi was twice protected by Lord Krishna on this day - once when she received an unlimited sari in return for a small piece of cloth, and later when Lord Krishna satisfied the hunger of all the sages with a single grain of rice from her pot. Lord Krishna also gifted Draupadi with the famous akshaya-patra on this day.

Treta-yuga is believed to have begun on this day, and it is also the day when Mother Ganges touched the earth for the first time to deliver people from sins. Lord Parasurama's appearance day falls on this auspicious day, and Sage Vyasadeva began writing the epic Mahabharata for the welfare of all people, including women and children. It is a common tradition in India for householders to distribute sweets to others on Akshaya Tritiya, and devotees can also take up the opportunity to sponsor the distribution of prasada on this day. Even a small amount of religious activity or devotional service on this day is believed to grant inexhaustible benefits. While it may not be possible to perform such activities every day, grihasthas can certainly distribute prasada on this exalted day and receive immense benefits.