ISKCON Aurangabad Janmashtami (2)

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna appeared on this planet about five thousand years ago to re-establish the religion, protect the righteous, annihilate the miscreants and especially to reciprocate with the love and affection of his dear devotees. Celebrated as Sri Krishna Janmashtami, this most important festival of the year is celebrated with unparalleled grandeur at ISKCON Aurangabad. Hundreds of devotees come to witness the darshan of their Lordships decorated in their new attire. The deities are dressed in gorgeous garments specially made for the occasion and lavishly decorated with nice ornaments, garlands, and fragrant flowers. Festivities, in the form of wonderful discourses on the most enchanting pastimes of the Lord and uproarious bhajans and kirtans, continue all day long and attract tens and thousands of visitors. Before midnight, the Abhisheka ceremony of the Deities is performed. Devotees express their heartfelt love by offering hundreds of delicious preparations to the Lord. Krishna appeared at the midnight as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva in the prison house of Kamsa. To celebrate this auspicious moment of the Lord’s birth, the festivities continue till midnight, when the Maha-Arati is performed to conclude the day’s celebrations. Devotees fast until midnight on this day.