Supreme intelligent designer

Sriraj works as Quality Manager in MNC. He goes to Thailand to spend Summer Vacation. Thailand is full of natural as well as architectural beauty. He visits various places, for him it was unforgettable experience. Soon vacation comes to an end. Sriraj’s mind dragged him towards his work. Last day was tough for him, his mind was shifting from one thought to another.  For 15 days he stayed in a lap of nature and now he had to go to concrete jungle. On one side he was ready but on another he wasn’t. Finally he made up his mind to board the flight back to India.

While travelling back, in a flight he started thinking of recently purchased bungalow in suburb of Mumbai for whooping 5 Crores. Bungalow faced towards Arabian Sea. It had small garden in front.

Sriraj became thoughtful from his recent experiences. To purchase bungalow made by mere mortal he had to spend so much and Mysterious nature unveiling its beauty freely. Who had made this nature so beautiful? Does nature acting on its own? Is there any Creator behind it?

Being Science student, education system makes one to ask question.  But not every time we get satisfactory answer. Creation is one such mystery.

So let’s discuss about it analytically.

 As we observe nature around us, when we see any beautiful painting we ask for painter. So any artistry necessarily points towards Artist.

ISRO successfully launched ‘Kalamsat’ a world’s lightest and smallest satellite on 25th January 2019. To launch it successfully it takes great organisational efforts. So any Beautiful organisation points toward one or many Organiser.

We created Skyscraper buildings, wonderful sculptures, elegant watches, sleek cars, trendy cars. For creating all this, we definitely need Creator.

We have wonderful designer clothes for which different Designer.

Similarly energy implies Energetic.

Laws are made by government. Flawless laws imply Lawmaker or body of Lawmaker.

So when we think strongly enough and with sound logic we see wonderful phenomena happening in Nature we come to a scientific conclusion that there must be a Supreme intelligent designer behind all this.

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